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Silage Quality Analysis Project

Many farms in our Advance Party make use of silage or baleage as a substantial proportion of the diet used to maintain hinds over the winter. View project details

Self-feed Silage in the King Country

In a first visit to the property in December 2015, the AP members identified significant benefits for the Blackburns in moving to a different way of wintering their hinds. View project details

Whole Herd Lepto Vaccination Reduces Fawn Wastage

The results are from two farms both of which have hinds which scan pregnant but fail to wean a fawn.   View project details

Impeding Pedicle Development Impacts Velvet Production

On the project farm, the fawns are housed indoors for their first winter and fed pasture baleage and deer nuts. View project details

Harvesting spiker velvet.

In the 2015/16 season two farms delayed the kill date of spikers to evaluate the cost benefit. View project details